Sunday, January 01, 2006

Just Another Year Syndrom (JAYS)

So this is it. The big moment when everything changes. I can have a clean slate and start making the same mistakes all over again. Or is it? What makes the beginning of the first minute in a new calendar year so great anyway?

I suppose I don't owe any taxes yet - hooray!

L. and I stayed in this (or is it last?) New Year's Eve watching two movies - one of which was so awful it doesn't warrant thinking about ever again, let alone discussing it. The other was a thoughtful, yet melancholic Iraqi-Iranian joint venture called "Turtles Can Fly", which I thoroughly recommend to those searching for a more meaningful way to spend 2 hours than watching the latest Hollywood non-Oscar calliber junk.

I suppose I must be mellowing with old age. Gone are the days that I long to be drunk at midnight on New Year's Eve and here are the days that I long to watch independent film in my flying cat pjamas and slippers. I suppose some things change and others (like making the same mistakes all over again every year) will remain the same. Note the aptness of that last sentence for this domain name. Or will they? After all Greek and Turkish Cypriots were recently able to cross the "green line" after decades of no progress. IBM (which is synonymous with PC hardware) sold their PC Division to the Chinese. Afghanistan is on its way to being a democracy (if you believe the western press that is).

So this year my resolution is to think the impossible as much as (im)possible.

Note: This posting was converted from an older blog.